In the year…

2019: Star Wars Episode 9 is released

2025: Disney, Amazon, Exxon Mobile, and Walmart merge to form the worlds largest super conglomerate, called Disney Megacorp

2027: Bambi remake released.

2031: Disney is granted a special representative in the United Nations Security Council.

2033: Disney agents caught smuggling nuclear materials to North Korea.

2034: Star Wars Episode 18 is released

2035: The CEO of Disney is appointed Chairman of the US Federal Reserve.

2036: Disney agents are suspected in the assassination of the French Prime Minister.

2037: Avengers Endgame 4 released.

2039: The Roman Catholic Church defaults on it’s loans to Disney. Disney takes possession of the Vatican as collateral.  A schism develops in the church between followers of the Pope-in-Exile and the Disney approved Pope.

2040 Disney CEO is appointed President of the World Bank

2041: Disney aids the Chinese Government with Project Jinping, a massive nationwide computerized mind control project utilizing wireless networks and brain implants.

2042: Second Lion King remake is released.

2043: Disney buys out most major drug cartels in Central and South America. Those who resist are destroyed by Disney Paramilitary Forces. 

2045: The Saudi king is assassinated, possibly by Disney agents. After the ensuing dynastic war a Disney controlled puppet ruler takes control of the throne. Disney is granted exclusive access to Saudi Oil fields.

2046: Disney CEO is elected Secretary General of OPEC

2047: Disney takes control of Afghan poppy fields from Taliban forces. Disney becomes the worlds largest supplier of illicit drugs.

2048: Star Wars A New Hope remake is released.

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