Is there anything about history and weaponry t…

Is there anything about history and weaponry that interests you in particular? What got you into them? Also, if I talk to my friends about you and your blog, what pronouns should I use?

I think what interests me the most is how weaponry evolved over time based on changing tactics, technological changes, and even social or political changes. Also how cultures developed different weapons based on different circumstances.  For example the weapons fielded by Ancient Rome are much different from the weapons fielded by nomadic tribes from Central Asia.  The Romans specialized in close combat with heavy infantry because their culture originated in the hilly regions of central Italy and much of their conquests occurred in the forested regions of Europe.  Cultures from central Asia tend to focus more on cavalry and horse archery because their culture blossomed in a land of wide open spaces.

Also I like heavily decorated pieces. I like displaying the artistic differences in weapons from different cultures.

Pronouns are he, him, and His Highness.

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