Surely as someone who works in an ER you can a…

Surely as someone who works in an ER you can aknowledge that natural forces influence people. Ever work during a full moon?

Many times and no, that’s absolutely silly.  There have been full moons and it’s batshit crazy.  There have been full moons where absolutely nothing has happened and we all end up sitting around bullshitting and playing with our phones. There are many nights without a full  moon and its crazy. There are nights without a full moon and it’s slow. Correlation does not equal causation, but in this case there isn’t even correlation.  Ditto the 13th of the month.

One of the things that I find the most ridiculous is nurses will get mad if I say the name of a patient, because when you do you jinx the hospital and that patient will be back and be readmitted.  What a load of balderdash! That patient has end stage COPD and still smokes, end stage congestive heart failure, and is on dialysis.  The patient is gonna be back regardless of whether I say his or her name or not. 

Also the ER and MSP skips room 13.  There’s room 12, there’s room 14, there’s no room in between. LOLOLOL

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