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A Pair of British Private Purchase Cutlasses, 19th Century

A pair of British Victorian private-purchase cutlasses. I own a similar cutlass to these, but that is marked to Wilkinson. My research suggested that it may have been made by Wilkinson for sale to a private customer seeking to arm a private yacht or merchant vessel. Sailing in those days was rather more dangerous than now! I suspect that these are a similar case, intended to arm a yacht or trade vessel. There is no maker’s mark on either, but they are good quality and in excellent condition. Neither has been sharpened and it is clear that they were made as part of the same contract. The 24 inch blades are in original polish, with only some blemishes. The guards move a little, but the grips are tight on the tangs. The brass guards and backstraps are in very nice condition and the leather and brass wire grips are also very good. There is a little wear to some of the leather grips, but generally they are very good for the age. The scabbards are both present, but both of them have lost the stitching on the inside seams and one has lost the bottom brass end. They sheath well nevertheless. A fine pair of cutlasses – I’m willing to sell them separately or as a pair.

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